Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The light grew fuller,growing into the early morning.The mist cleared slowly and reveled the path leading to a  Hospital,Lapod in Pali District,Rajasthan.It was the start to another a medical camp or was it a spiritual pursuit?

The annual surgical and medical eye camp 2015 at Moti Hospital.This hospital was built in 1956 by Shri Motilalji Dhanrajji for the welfare of this village and the surrounding villages like Kenpura,Dhola,etc.At one time it was the only health centre for miles and miles.
Patients started lining up as early as 7am inspite of this dense mist.A sign that the last eye camp about a year back was a great success 
The eye camp doctor,Dr.Rajesh Parekh,Medical Director of RNA Trust with the team of Lions Eye Hospital,Rani Village,Pali screened about 400 patients and distributed about 200 free spectacles and 200 eye drops .30 patients were selected to undergo cataract and pterygium surgery..